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    Hello there (General Kenobi)

    Here is my new mod based on a In Win Chopin, quite simple, a mix of wood and aluminium.

    This is the hardware :

    (sorry for bad quality MDPC X logo...)

    AMD Ryzen 3 2200g
    Asrock AB350 mini ITX
    In Win Chopin argent
    Corsair Dominator 2*4Go
    Samsung 750 SSD M.2 250Go
    Noctua NH-L9x65

    For the modding part i have :

    Lamptron modding tool for cables
    MDPC-X Titanium grey
    Wooden covering

    I'm going to :
    sleeve the PSU
    place covering
    disembowel the case to be able to put the M.2 SSD and his cooling from Hybrid Cooling
    remove/hide the red on the MB
    change the panels of the case, hardware do not fit in the case on purpose

    Here is a big spoiler :

    I'll go more into detail in the next weeks.


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    Today i'll sho you the ork done on the MB to match the color theme.

    First, how the board look like :

    It's too red, so the first thing as to remove anodisation from rads with a sandblaster, here is the reslut :

    Then, i mount CPU, rad and RAM, and 3Dprinted a piece to hide the red on the RAM slots :

    As always, Dominators are awesome...


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      Looks like it's going to be an amazing mod!


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        Thanks a lot, it will be a small (but cute i think) project!

        Today i'll show you the job done on the case.

        First, i would like to say this case is really good, for a simple build you will have enought place to do the job easily. But this is not really a standard build, so i removed some parts on the case :

        A big hole under the MB, to be able to mount M.2 SSD + dissipator

        Bigger hole for cable management on the front.

        Then i glued aluminium part for a clear look on the edge, in the back of the MB the aluminium plate has a hole to show the M.2 radiator.

        I also made a PSU cover (with wood covering already on it) and a plate ot hide i/O back panel.

        Last thing i've done is a 3D printed plate to replace the upper grid, and a "logo" for the front :

        It was printed in red, i painted it and then put the covering and cutted what should be cutted



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          I planed to sleeve my first PSU with this mod, i really enjoyed it.

          I won't really describe how to sleeve, there is a LOT of tutorials well done.

          Here is the result on the 24 pins :

          For the CPU 8 pins it was a bit more tricky since the cable look like that :

          I wanted to have 8 wires coming instead of four. So i cutted, and soldered new wires to get something nicer :

          see you, thanks for reading!


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            After those steps i put the wood covering on most of the parts of the case :

            I also replaced the original fan from the CPU cooler by two 40mm.

            To fix them, i bended an aluminium plate to the good size (and i put covering on it), so the fan just hold in place :

            I also bend the bottom of the aluminium so the whole thing clamp the radiator.

            So in place it looks like :

            Next time, the two panels and the result, but not the final shooting!


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              Love the wood mod!


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                Originally posted by Administrator Johnny Gomez View Post
                Love the wood mod!
                Thank you! But i took the idea from In win (some cases like that were showed at CES if i remember well)

                I would have prefer real wood, but it'll be for my futur deskmod !


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                  Here is the job done one the side panel of the case.

                  On the hardware side i create the panel from acrylic sheet and some pieces of aluminium :

                  I glued aluminium spacers on the case to fix it :

                  For the other side i just cutted the panel and fixed an acrylic sheet with double sided tape :

                  And now just more pictures, the case will be used horizontally but can be use in both way :


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                    I like this wood version!