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  • Polaris Fan question

    Hey Guys,

    Trying to figure out how to cool two systems in one case and was wondering if the following was possible:

    Can I set up dual loops and have the fans on each particular loop both turn on no matter what system is on? That way if my son is on his, or if I am on mine, all fans are on to make sure the air flow is doing what it is supposed to be doing? I plan on using 2 4x120 rads, one for each loop, and then a 3x140 rad also for the main system loop. So my concern is that if the ITX rig is on, and the fans on the 3x140 rad are off on top, the system won't be ventilating properly. Also, the two rear fans won't be on a rad at all but would be nice for them to go on no matter which system is on as well.

    If this is possible, is it then possible to take it one step further and have the lights only go on the corresponding loops when that particular system is on?

    I am either going to use the corsair LL series fans, or the inwin polaris fans as you can daisy chain those, which might make this easier. But maybe the commander pro can pull this off?


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    Haha, quite the build going there.

    We really can't speak for ventilation properly since that's a matter of preference. Your preferred efficiency may differ than mine. What we can say is that the fans won't chain with other fans, and they would likely need their own header should try to combine with other fans. In regards to the lights, that's something would have to be controlled via the motherboard software.

    Let me know if I missed something.


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      Thank you. I have decided to go with Inwin fans for the entire build. I can’t seem to find any single packs for sale. Is it OK to use the TwinPak to extend a single row of the fans. I know I would have to use the longer extension cord but will it work OK.


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        I'm not sure what region you are from, but in the U.S. you can find them on our eStore: along with our twin pack too:

        If that's not the case, the twin packs work also. No reason you can't use multiple of the twin packs.


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          I try to order, but I get a whoops something went wrong message.... I am in California...


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            Originally posted by Gutcheck View Post
            I try to order, but I get a whoops something went wrong message.... I am in California...
            We apologize for that, we are having our technicians look into the matter. But they are also available on Amazon.