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#PreludePC A Honda Prelude Sponsored Tribute Build

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  • #PreludePC A Honda Prelude Sponsored Tribute Build

    PCPartPicker Link:

    Good to see you all again!

    We have begun our next mod!!!!! Are you as excited as I am? Let me know what you think and drop me a response below.


    As someone who loves computer modding, I actually enjoy working on cars as well. My current project vehicle is a 2000 Honda Prelude.

    So naturally when I saw that Thermaltake’s new Commander 34 case looks like the honda emblem, I knew what I had to do. I’m here to present to you our latest sponsored build, “Prelude PC”


    In regards to modding the case itself, we won’t be doing too much other than making the cooling components work. However with some creative 3D printing, vinyl work and paint. We plan on dropping a system into the case that will be recognizable to any Honda enthusiast.

    3D Prints
    H22A Engine
    Turbo Pump Cover
    Honda Emblem
    Prelude badge
    Oil Catch Can


    Unboxing video of some of our sponsored parts! 2 separate builds in this unboxing….

    That’s our plan! I hope I have hyped you up for this mod!
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    PCPartPicker Link:

    What is up my friends and fellow PC gurus!

    Just wanted to take a post to give a huge thanks to our sponsors!

    First off, we have Thermaltake who has been gracious enough to send not only the Commander 34 case, but all the watercooling gear we need and the power to make it all work.

    Moving on, we come to EVGA. They were kind enough to send over a EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 to go with our EVGA FTW Z390 board.

    Third, we come to our partners over at ModMyMods! They are sending us a Alphacool block for the 1070 and some misc modding materials and cables.

    And last but certainly not least, we are proud to announce that ArtMods will be providing the cruicial 3D printed parts to make this build a reality! Am super excited as he is an incredible fabricator and can paint realistic designs on almost anything!

    In other news, below are two video links. The first is our hardware reveal for the mod and the second is our case review on the Commander C34 case! Don’t forget to sub to the channel to not miss out on the other reviews coming soon.

    #PreludePC Hardware Reveal(Well...most of it)

    Thermaltake Commander C34 Case Review (Video goes live June 19th at Noon PST)

    Thanks for sticking with us so far! Can’t wait to get you more content soon!


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      PCPartPicker Link:

      Goood afternoon my fellow PC nuts and Luder lovers!

      First, let’s get some love for a bath for #AcidDragon as she sits in the driveway

      Now that we know what we are working towards….. Let’s start changing this Thermaltake Commander C34 case!

      First let’s get this front panel off by using a gentle prying motion with a flat screwdriver to release the 4 clips

      Now we can get the grills removed and get them painted green to match the grill on #AcidDragon

      A tip for painting outside, cover with a clear tub/container to prevent dust, leaves, bugs and anything else floating around while the paint dries

      Always several super light coats for the win!

      While I waited for the paint to cure, I began unboxing hardware and getting it installed to test fit and prep the system to plan out our loop and placement of the “turbo” pump.

      Starting with this sexy EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard…and fitting the Thermaltake Pacific CPU cooler to it

      Next up our 120GB TeamGroup SSD!

      Finally, let’s install this Thermaltake ToughPower 850W PSU! A bit overpowered for this build’s purpose…. But so is the watercooling haha

      The paint hasn’t fully cured, but now is dry and can be installed back in place! The case is looking sexy so far!

      Hopefully I will have time to get some more work this Friday and have another update for you next week!!!

      Stay classy fellow modders and friends!!!


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        PCPartPicker Link:

        Hey all!

        I had a couple minutes last night so I took a picture of the car’s bumper and recreated the lettering. Now the design is really coming together!!!