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#NodeZero - Mining to NAS Case Coversion

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  • #NodeZero - Mining to NAS Case Coversion

    PCPartPicker Link:

    What is up my fellow modders!

    Let me introduce you to our next project Node Zero!


    Node Zero was conceptualized as our move back home on the west coast meant leaving our staircase server hub back in Tennessee. Now that I’ve been back home in NV for the past year, I have been missing not only our PLEX and Gaming servers, but our backups and our RAID 5 system.

    Because of this, I started brainstorming a new case to house our server hardware, something that could handle many HDDs. After searching around, I just didn’t like what I saw and didn’t want to go slim server rack(and of course money issues prevents a couple grand for a server)

    So we are replacing this case with a Nanoxia Rexgear Hydra 2 Mining case, and modding it to accept up to 12 HDDs and an SSD or two.



    HYDRA 2 CASE(Stock Photos)

    Here in this YouTube video we unbox the Arctic cooling gear and the Nanoxia HDD bays. Also has hardware going into our Honda Prelude PC mod.

    Have a wonderful day and I hope you are excited as I am to see this build come together!!!

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    PCPartPicker Link:

    Good morning fellow modders and world takers!

    We have begun the work on Node Zero!

    First we need to get to painting…. the handles specifically. Use that good ol’ Krylon in damn that’s bright yellow!

    Getting that PSU in place…. Just an old Raidmax 500w, but it works well and keeps steady power for my drives! I love how this case has the ability to use 2 PSUs

    Time to install these beautiful yellow Arctic fans! 6 fans to keep air moving!

    It’s a good start… but we need to get our sponsors and designs cut and placed!

    Sooo…. We requested the Freezer 34 Duo knowing that it’s only AM4 compatible. So of course what we need to do is fabricate and mod our own solution yes?

    Annnnd…. Finished. Just needs a coat of paint =D

    Thanks for tuning in guys! Keep an eye out for more updates soon.

    Much love! <3


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      PCPartPicker Link:

      Good morning fellow modders!

      So lets get another update on Node Zero and get the PSU shroud created! We first found our piece of material and cut and bent it into shape. Then test fit it with the HDD cages.

      Then cutting the holes for the grommets was easy as 1..2…..3

      Then a dash of paint… and presto! Time to hide those nasty cables.

      And…. bam! Power cables managed and look at all that SATA power just sitting there waiting to be utilized.

      Next time we install the HDD cages and get this bad boy up and running!!


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        PCPartPicker Link:

        Good afternoon my fellow enthusiasts!

        We are COMPLETE!!! Couldn’t be a happier feeling than a working mod.

        First, we need to clean and prep our trusty ol’ Phenom II

        Then we can slap on some Arctic MX-4 paste in preparation to install that beastly Freezer eSports Duo cooler <3

        Cooler installed with our custom AM3 mounts, nice and snug

        Drives are in and mounted!

        That cooler is so over kill…. But cable management for the win!

        Tip of the Day…. Label those drives! Getting Ubuntu server installed

        We are up and running! Time to get PLEX set up so the family stops bugging me for movie access *laughs*

        That’s it until we are up and fully running with our RAID and software flying high!

        Otherwise we are switching gears to work on our Honda Prelude PC mod!