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Tpbmods: How to paint EK Radiators

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  • Tpbmods: How to paint EK Radiators

    Hey everyone, Tpbmods here!
    Today Im here to tell you, Stop painting your damn radiator fins... I mean, show you how to paint your EK Radiators!

    Unlike pretty much every other radiator on the market, EKWB designed theirs to be taken apart.
    The process is simple, can be done in a reasonable time frame(paint dependent) and takes nearly no real skill to pull off!

    The Tools - All you need to pull apart your EK rad is a blade to pop the badge, a Torx T10 for the 8 screws in the top and bottom, and a 9mm Allen key for the extensions.

    Sanding - Prep is key! The more time you spending working on the surface to be painted, the better your finish will be.
    I personally used a palm sander and 180grit wet/dry to make quick work of the original finish.
    You can do this by hand, with a power tool, sandblaster, or even paint stripper/Easy Off oven spray.

    Once you're happy with the finish, clean the surface from all dusts and oils.
    Because I am using a high pigment acrylic paint, my only interest was getting to some bare metal for paint adhesion.
    I lightly put the screws back in because I planned on hanging these, and didn't want paint where it shouldn't be.

    Painting - Like sanding, this can be done in many ways. My weapon of choice is high pigment, acrylic based rattle can.
    Rattle Can, Airbrush, paint gun. Maybe you want to hit it with some alcohol stain or get it plated? Proper prep and patience is key
    Here I hit the frames with a VERY light coat of chrome base just to have a strong and bright base to get my color to really pop.

    After painting, it was time to wait. For some people, this can be hours or even days depending on the finish you want to go for, and the paint you are using.
    With my choice in paint, my dry time is quick; and time between coats is even faster. And because I didnt want to bother with clearcoat, its done!

    Now its time to very carefully reassemble your gorgeous new frame back around the interior core, taking extra care not to smash things around anywhere the frame comes in contact with itself.
    The last thing you want, is chipping or scratching that fresh new look. Get the extensions reinstalled, and then re-apply your EK badge! Adhesive got ruined? double sided tape works wonders!

    Hope this has been helpful, and I cant wait to see what you come up with

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    The best way to paint is using a spray gun which is very easy to use and can be very effective one. This thing I came to know about how to use this spray gun is from uk assignment help blog post in that there is detailed explanation about it. From then onward generally I use the same to paint anything in my house.


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      Other cooling companies should also implement this into their radiators. Thank you for the detailed explanation.


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        I think spray gun would be a good way to use on it. May be there's also anther way.