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Orange Nexus - InWin 909 Mod

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  • Orange Nexus - InWin 909 Mod

    The Build

    A "nexus" , while traditionally defined as a hub connecting various things, can also be defined as a collective of ideas, all culminating to a certain point. This project serves to do just that, as I'll be incorporating most of my favorite ideas and techniques that I've accumulated over the years. There are two key factors in the patterning and/or scheme of this project.

    - The first, as is most obivous, you can see in the header image, the scheme is very reminiscent of the Asiimov pattern, a very popular weapon skin from CS:GO. Being a CS:GO player myself, this has always been my favorite skin, and I've been itching for the opportunity to do something with it.

    - As always, the design must incorporate the hexagon, which is a staple for the design scheme of our business.

    The Specs

    I want to start out by immediately thanking our sponsors for this project. The support we get from other companies within this business is next to none!

    Case: In Win 909 - Silver Aluminum
    CPU: Intel 6800K
    Motherboard: Gigabyte X99 Phoenix SLI
    Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 2666MHz
    GPUS: 2x GTX Titan X
    SSDS: 2x Intel 730 Series and Samsung 950 Series M2 SSD
    HDD: WD 2 TB Black
    PSU: InWin Signature 900W
    Fans: TBD

    - CPU Block: Watercool Heatkiller Pro IV
    - GPU Blocks: EK Titan X Full Coverage
    - Radiators:
    - Reservoirs: 2x FrozenQ LE-2016 Reservoirs

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    Straight out of the box, this case makes an insane first impression. While quite heavy, the quality of the construction is simply next to none. I'm going to stray away from doing a full on review, because as the build log progresses, we'll go into detail about the smaller details.

    Beautiful inset logo bezel. Kind of nice to have something that isn't protruding from the case. It lends itself to the sleek smooth surface.

    The back really struck me when first opening this case up. The outside of this case seems to be made from 3mm brushed aluminum, with all the holes beautifully machined into the surface. Every edge is also deburred extremely well. You won't find a sharp edge anywhere on the outside of this case.

    Side view with the glass panel removed.

    The 909 compared to the significantly smaller NCase M1. Both of these awesome cases arrived the same day.

    This is why I do most of my mod work at the shop and not at home. This guy insists he can offer some form of help to the design process.

    So lets break down the overall (very simple) layout plan.

    1. Triple rad, no less than 50mm thick, with fans in push config for the GPU loop. My intent is to make a custom shroud to make the whole module over there look much more uniform while lending itself to the design of the case.

    2. PSU bay, probably going to keep this simple and make a cover for the PSU that still showcases the Corsair logo on the side of it.

    3. Dual rad, most likely 25mm thick so we don't encroach on the motherboard area, for the CPU loop.

    4. Two FrozenQ LE-2016 Limited Edition reservoirs, with dual DDC's below. These have yet to be announced, but they'll be coming soon!

    5. E-ATX motherboard...fairly straightforward

    6. 5" LCD Screen, going to be used to probably display something like Precision X. Or Rick and Morty stuff at LAN's...who knows.

    7. Dual Intel SSD array. Probably going to make some sort of cool angled mount with some lighting from above to show them off a bit.

    8. System temp hub. I'll be making a custom panel here full of small LED readouts for various temperatures and voltages. The smoked glass on the side should help tone down the brightness of those modules.

    Dan is in the process of doing dimensions for the exterior of the case, and then he'll start working his photoshop magic to begin to make a FrozenQ/Asiimov themed exterior. Once the exterior of the case comes back from the powder coater (going to be a gloss white exterior), he's going to start the decal work.

    Next Update: Dismantling the case and exterior design plan


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      Looking forward to the rest of the build!


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        Thanks! I'll be posting the next part of the update tomorrow.


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          Cant wait to see more!


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            Lots of stuff in this update, so lets break it down!

            New Components and Test Fitting

            X99 Phoenix SLI from Gigabyte. Honestly, this has to be my favorite board I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It's not often you get a motherboard that perfectly fits the style of your build. Lest we not forget, the board has a ton of features, which in a later post, once the build is complete, I'll do a short review on.

            Corsair Dominator Platinum Memory. I've always been a fan of Corsairs memory, for two reasons. I am a big fan of the simple, yet sleek design that doesn't look out of place in most builds. They offer pretty much everything from low profile, to large high performance in a variety of colors that work for various schemes and if they don't (in this case the Dominator Platinum), it's usually designed in such a way that it's neutral but still lends to the "high quality" look you want in a build like this.

            The second is quality. I think I've probably used over 20 Corsair memory kits over time, and have not once had a single problem that required an RMA.

            Some pictures of me test fitting the board and memory into the internal case frame just to see how it looked.

            Set in the new LE-2016 reservoir to see how it stacks up against the board. It will obviously sit a bit higher, but it was more just to see how the colors worked next to each other.

            Just a little test bench time to make sure everything works properly. Good news, it does!


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              Painting the Case

              Got the outer frame of the case removed. Honestly, this is by far one of the nicest things about this case. The super thick aluminum shell comes off the internals by just a few screws. For modding purposes, this is an extremely nice feature.

              Getting ready to get a coat of primer on here.

              White pearl base coat applied.

              After the base coat dried, Dan got to work on the vinyl detailing, applying some gloss black vinyl on the front and top.

              Skipped ahead a bit here, but here's the finished product after he was done with it. After this it's going to be readied for clear coating, to protect the paint and keep the vinyl details from peeling up.

              Custom GPU Backplates

              I was really excited for this part, because it's so simple and yet lends a really nice design element to the build. I started by measuring out the mounting holes on the GPU, and laser cutting a test piece.

              The whole thing is made from two layers of 1/8" acrylic, the top being a really nice quality matte black. I used a pretty standard solvent to adhere the two layers.

              Dropped and glued the colored inserts in.

              And there you have it, much nicer than just the bare card showing in the middle of the case. The plate attaches to two of the free holes on the GPU that the water block doesn't use.

              Next were going to get the internal frame put back in the case, and we'll get to work installing parts!


              • anthonytsai
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                the GPU Backplates part is really cool !! so professional !! . love your cat he is really cute when he stand by the case haha

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              It's time for a long awaited update. We're almost there!

              I decided since that we weren't using all the HDD bays that the space would be better suited to making a nicer looking sponsor logo light box. Pretty easy to drill out the rivets and remove this part. In some cases the rivets can really be in difficult locations, but this was pretty straightforward.

              Laying the aluminum frame next to the internal frame.

              Securing the internal frame back into the case.

              The two Antec TruQuiet 120mm fans I'll be using for the lower radiator. (Note: These later got changed out to Corsair AF120's)

              Sleeved UV orange with Ultimate Personal Computers AEGIS Sleeving.

              Attached to the dual radiator and ready to drop in.

              Lower dual radiator secured and ready to go.

              Lining up the decorative shroud that I made for the bottom portion. This will cover all the metal bits from the fan and radiator mounts, and also conceal where the GPU power cables connect to their extensions.

              Peeled off the protective film revealing the matte black surface, and glued in the orange inserts.

              Attached the side panel with the hex design.

              Gluing the orange inserts into the hex design.

              All finished!

              Final shot with the side shroud reattached.


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                Special thanks to the guys over at In Win for providing one of their new Signature Series power supplies. I generally don't care too much about power supplies so long as they work, but this beauty has a full brushed aluminum casing, which goes perfect with the case.

                Some white AF120 from Corsair. I've used these in a few builds now, and apart from them moving a lot of air, and being more toward the quiet side, I think they give one of the best "fan/blade" lighting effects.

                Attached 3 of those to the rear triple radiator.

                Zoom out of all the fans installed. You'll notice I replaced the ones in the lower radiator just to make everything match better.

                I cut a matte black grill for the front here, as I thought the bare metal X frame up front looked a little silly.

                Hardline fittings! Time for the fun stuff!

                The first run goes from the GPU up to the triple rad, and was pretty straight forward using two 45 degree bends.

                Underneath the GPU's I had to do a pretty tight to the floor run for the feed from the pump to the first radiator. The system goes Pump > Dual Rad > GPUs > Triple Rad > CPU > Res

                Here you can see the most fun little part, where I had to run a U shaped bend to get from the SLI bridge adapter down to the lower radiator. Nothing really lined up so this was the best way to tackle this.

                Here you can see the run from the CPU to the reservoir which had to be split between into two pieces using an adapter.

                Obligatory leak testing!

                And there we have it in it's current state. Up next is the remainder of the decorative acrylic panels for the back and top sections.


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                  The Classic Series does look pretty good in your mod.


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                    Originally posted by Administrator Johnny Gomez View Post
                    The Classic Series does look pretty good in your mod.
                    I'm going to be making a shroud panel down there that hides those cables up front, but keeps the PSU visible. I'll probably make it like a frame of sorts with lighting on the inside to make the surface and lettering pop a little more. I've noticed with the side panel being on, given that it's smoked, makes it completely invisible.


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                      can't wait to see more


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                        Alright! The final update is here, and we're 100% complete. Enjoy.

                        As I usually do with all my sponsored builds, I like to incorporate their logo's somewhere on the case. I though it might be a cool idea to laser etch them on an orange plate and light it up. The cut out in the middle is to install a temp sensor LCD readout. Which is going to be for monitoring the general temp of the inside of the case.

                        Installing a white LED strip which will edge light the sponsor plate.

                        Plate installed with matte black shroud to cover the standard HDD's

                        Another angle.

                        I didn't like the small area near the SLI bridge that was just flat bare metal. So I came up with an idea to do an acrylic inset graphic of the word WARNING, as it appears on the Asiimov skin.

                        Peeled off.


                        Hard to see here, but I installed a matte black mid plate to hide the cables going into the back of the motherboard (USB and whatnot) as well as some of the power cables. There is a bank of 3pin power connectors right behind that, and I didn't like how visible they were when the smoked side panels were on.

                        Here it is in all it's glory, with the final step done. I added an L shaped cover to the side of the rear radiator to mask the light from the LED's on the side of the fans and just to give an overall cleaner look in the back.


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                          Now it's time for some pictures...


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                            Submitted to the PC Master Race as a mod, dubbed by us as masterpiece! This is truly a beast of a PC mod!