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  • In Win 303 -Mod-ernity

    I wanted a clean modern design with no wires visible so I rotated the case backside down and built a 7" tall base to set it on.
    The front panel comes off for access and provides a storage space.

    I used:
    In Win 303 case
    MSI SLI plus x99 mb
    Intel 5820K
    Silverstone Argon cpu cooler -159mm
    an older Radeon R9 290 driving a Crossover 32" 4K monitor
    Samsung SSD
    EVG 750 watt PS
    A couple of Corsair quite fans
    16 Gb G.Skill ram
    NZXT Hue Plus RGB lighting system
    an older 1Tb HD mounted on back

    The only mod to the case was to knock out the flanges that hold the filter. I then used thin black poster board to cover the bottom vent holes before I skinned it with wood grain in vinyl.
    I made a I/O port shield and graphics card shroud out of the MB and Graphics Card boxes they came in. I also used black felt to close the gaps between the glass and frame.

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    I like this a lot, do u mind if i borrow that secondary basement idea


    • CSinTexas
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      Hi Beenade66,
      Thanks, I saw your Shiny Charizard Project it looks like it will be nice, You will be an expert water cooler by the time you finish it. I have thought about water cooling my video card because it really generates all the heat (I do not overclock my CPU) but it is very complicated and expensive to do anything that looks good.

    • Beenade66
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      No worries =)

      If you are looking for a balance between aesthetics and performance, you could always look into a small custom loop comprised of soft black tubing such as EK ZMT Tubing or Primochill Primoflex Onyx Black tubing and EK/Bitspower nickel/chrome fittings as that would look good with almost any build without costing too much.

      If you aren't too confident in assembling, then look into some EK Predator GPU/CPU kits. They come with the black tubing/nickel silver fittings which would match any build perfectly and looks clean without too much cost

      Otherwise I really like how you turned that In Win 303 case into a really gorgeous modern looking piece of hardware.

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    It is really the cost that I do not like and that the coolers are mostly after market and some of the lower cost ones do not cool the vrm and other hot spots so well. Each card requires a custom block that can cost over 110 bucks plus all the other parts -radiator, pump, reservoir, tube and fittings. -it would be easy to spend 300. (Although much of that can be used for the next card I guess)

    I just think the water tubes look cool. Other than the RGB lighting system I do not have much going on inside the case. I added some strips to my graphics car shroud and I/O covers. And for fun I set a binary clock that my father-in-law gave me inside the case just under the cpu fan.

    The whole thing sets up on top of a desk I built so it is about eye level with the top being 6'-4" so it shows off everything very well.
    I had been looking for an easy way to do this idea for a few years but most of the cases have unattractive and non symmetric acrylic side panels.

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      Another thing one could do with the base is use it to contain and hide a speaker system as long as the bass box was not to large and not surround sound.

      I made a video of the lighting:

      CSinTexasPC-RGBlighting by Chris Stewart, on Flickr
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        This is an interesting mod! I love it.


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          Thanks, it was an easy mod to do and I really like that it shows off the insides without looking like an utilitarian appliance on the outside. I nice liquid cooling system would have given it more flash but the temps have been pretty good under normal operation CPU - 45c GPU - 47c

          The GPU will hit 90c in a game at 2560x1440 but the case is still relatively quite even with the glass.
          Next I need to build a custom stand for my 32" monitor.


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            woooo it is really nice.


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              I was able to add an 80mm fan mounted at the the PCI openings and pointing up at the graphics card which did not lower the normal operating temperature much but lowered the maximum gaming temperature to about 82c which was a pretty big boost.

              It occurred to me that a much better air filter system could be made. If I had not built it to sit on top of my existing desk I might of made the base desk height. then used a large ac filter on the back and some double doors on the front and shelves for storage.


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                Great build!! I love the wood panel touch to make it feel like a home entertainment system.


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                  Thanks, looking forward to seeing yours finished


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                    Ah another OCN member, do say it did turn out great. now that would go great w/ my Cherry Polk Monitor 40's