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  • In Win 805 Mining Case Mod

    Dear In Win,

    Would you consider mass-producing a mod of your 805 (or another case) to have space for 8 PCIe slots?

    It would especially appeal to crypto-currency miners, so they can install 8 GPU's in SLI/Crossfire
    (with some space for PCIe risers, an extra PSU, extra SSD's and what have you)

    The PSU doesn't have to be on the back, it can be mounted in the front facing down with an extension cable.

    The main need I have for this case is cooling, I want to add several air-cooling fans, but it would be nice
    if there was space for a radiator/custom water cooling loop.

    I am currently enjoying my 805 Infinity. Thank you very much for putting it into production!

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    It's something we can consider. We will go ahead and pass this along to our R&D department for future product consideration.