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inwin 309 glow issue

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  • inwin 309 glow issue

    Running into a problem with the GLOW software. When launched, the software comes up and hangs with no response. Have to close out using task manager. I uninstalled the previous version and redownloaded and reinstalled from the link on the 309 page, and the program still doesn't respond once launched.

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    sojobo93 Hi, could you please let us know your OS edition and what motherboard you're using? Kindly provide the error framework screenshot to Thank you!


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      Thank you for responding. The OS is Windows 10 64bit Home, the motherboard is ASUS PRIME X470-PRO. And I'm sorry, I don't understand what to screenshot. I'm unfortunately not getting any error message.


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        Does the GLOW2 software show “Device disconnected”? It may help if we can have a photo/video to see what happened when launching the software.
        If this is the first time you installed the GLOW2 software, please try to reboot the computer (including the PSU) and restart the GLOW2. Thank you.