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915 the top cover not working

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  • 915 the top cover not working


    I bought the IN WIN 915 from inwin estore and just got it today.
    First of all, I didn't recevied the BATMAT MOUSE PAD that should be sent as a gift... for this missing gift, i could only find the function of "contact us" on the inwin site to send a "feedback", and i don't even know if INWIN recived my feedback or not, coz usually i might already recieve an autoreply, but in this case with inwin nothing for now..... (Or someone can tell me how could i contact Inwin estore directly?)

    Then it is the big problem:
    when I turn it on the first time, the top cover lifted up but then it blocks there.
    I cann't find out what is going wrong......
    The red led flash both side, looks like a motor issue...."a malfunction of the motor or the top cover" says the manual....
    I didnt put anything on the top cover.

    I thought maybe during the shippment, something goes wrong, because when UPS send me the package, outside the box of INWIN was kind of a mess...highly broken on the corners.....but inside seems ok....BTW, is it normal that on both the side glass, there were no protections on. But usually there is a pecie of plastic to tear off, right?

    I just have it for less than a day......and now I don't know what to do....

    Can someone help here?
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    Hi DieciShi, thank you for reaching out to us. May I ask if your order number is 010325035? We did receive the inquiries and also replied but it seems your mail network was on the block list of our mail server, so the mails couldn't be sent successfully. Could you please provide us other emails? I will forward it to our eStore team and I believe that they will contact you as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.


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      Hi Administrator_MD2,
      Yes, my order number is 010325035.
      I received the order and shipping information through this email without problem. But I can provide a new email, and will it be a problem if i write it down here, like break the rule here?


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        Hi DieciShi, I was wondering if there is someone who is helping with these problems already? If no, please provide your email to Thank you.


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          First I'm sorry to respond so late.
          Yes,Thanks to Helen Tsay a lot, the communications were very smooth and efficient.
          And thanks to both Helen and Inwin Netherlands, they send me a new case and also the missing mouse pad. They even let me keep the old non-function one piece.
          One of best shopping experience ever!!!
          And I have to thank you Administrator_MD2 too, because of you pass the words, the whole thing ended smoothly.


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            Hi DieciShi, Glad to hear that. Thank you so much for supporting InWin! Have a nice day.