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901 front panel audio jack - normally open 3.5mm PCB mount.

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  • 901 front panel audio jack - normally open 3.5mm PCB mount.

    I'm looking for a source for a new 3.5mm jack for my InWin 901. The jack broke some time ago and I attempted to replace it with a normal PCB mount one. I then discover they're a bizarre normally-open model that appears impossible to find, since every other jack is the normally closed type. Does anyone have a source for these that isn't the one guy on Alibaba selling 1000 of them? Or can I get some from InWin? I make my own electronics so the soldering and repair is not a problem, I just need the silly little tiny jack! It looks like this attachment. A five-pin PCB mount ​ stereo switched jack but with normally open contacts.
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