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165mm length Modular PSU, will it fit into a 301?

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  • 165mm length Modular PSU, will it fit into a 301?

    Hi there, I know that it's very clearly stated that in the spec sheet that it's 160mm max, however, I'm interested in one of In Win's power supplies that's 165mm long. I currently have a 140mm Seasonic model (which I'm returning because it's defective) and it fits with tons of extra room in there. I measured with a tape measure and it looks like there might even be enough room with a 165mm modular unit, am I right or not?
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    The length of the PSU for 301 should under 160mm as the side panel screws part will block the installation.


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      Hi, I checked the back of the case and the side panel screws are very close to the top and side edge of the panel, meaning the side panel screws probably wouldn't impair the use of a larger PSU on its own. Or I'm understanding what u said incorrectly? Or did u mean with a 165mm PSU I wouldn't be able to fit all the cables in and close the side panel?


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        After checked with our R&D, the PSU length 165mm can be fit in, but you will got very limit space for cable installation or management.

        We hope this helps. Thank you.


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          That actually helps dramatically. Thank you for the excellent support again.


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            You're welcome. Please feel free to let us know if you need any help.