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IW-RF100 does the main board float?

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  • IW-RF100 does the main board float?

    Hi all,
    I bought the IW-RF100. It's a nice little 1U rack case for MINI ITX (6.7“ x 6.7“), ATX(12” x 10”) main boards. I knew I wasnt going to get an I/O shield that could fit with the board I am using, I'm fine with leaving it open. I may look for the In Win customizable I/O shield in the future.

    The case is 1U, so that's a tight fit. I have RAM that is low enough and a CPU fan this is low enough (blower type). My issue is, one of my issues is, with mounting the main board. The board does not sit flush on the stand-offs. It "hovers". The stand-offs are supershort to accommodate the low head room. BUT, on the bottom of any main board you have the screws that attach the ZIF socket for the CPU. These screws are the lowest point of the main board. Because the stand-offs are so short the ZIF CPU socket screws make contact with the case first and prevent the main board from settling onto the stand-offs.

    I'm baffled how any mainboard can be mounted in this chassis. I see there are a few recommended main boards to use with this case, however they all use Socket 1151 which would also have this issue. The directions for the IW-RF100 show how to install a fan, a hard drive, but do not show the procedure to mount the main board on this non-standard way. What am I missing?

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    FWIW - What I did was dremel the CPU socket screws down so they were flush. I also snipped the longer pins that dot the bottom of the board. It fits OK now, not bad actually. It looks like the PCIe riser I have might work as well, TBD, I haven't received the network adapter yet to try it out. My guess is it will be off just a smidge and I'll need a flexible riser.

    Over all I'm loving this 1U case for a home VMware Free server. I plan to hang it in a 2U vertical wall rack and cut a 3" hole in the top to direct vent the CPU heat.


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      Administrator_MD1 commented
      Editing a comment
      Glad to hear that you resolved the CPU socket screws issue. Regarding the riser card issue, we will suggest you to use Full height riser ribbon which can give you flexible that you looking for.

      Please share with us your 2U server project and setup, we love to hear from you. If you need any 2U server chassis, please do not hesitate to let us know,

      Thanks and stay safe!

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    Thanks for your post and sorry to hear that you having issue with Rf100 server chassis. Firstly can you let us know what motherboard model you are using for RF100? We have many IO shields for Supermicro, ASUS or AsRock 1U chassis, if your model available then you can solve your IO shield issue.

    For the second issue with the motherboard standoff, once you provide motherboard model, we will look into the standoff issue. Will you kindly provide some images of the standoff of the main board and also ZIF CPU socket screws. Once we have all details, we will go through them and come abck to you with feedback.

    Meantime if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to let us know, thanks