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adding water cooling to case

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  • adding water cooling to case

    hello everyone. i am new to the forum. i need some advice on how to get the stock 140mm fan out of the In-Win white GRone full tower case. i have looked at my manual again. and it says that the top should come off but have no way of unscrewing it to get to the fan to unscrew it as well. any help is appreciated as i am wanting to install my 360mm water cooling radiator . thanks in advance ... oh here is a link to my case
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    StormChaser sorry for our late reply, it tooks us a while to find a GRone case sample, please refer to the photo attached, hope it is helpful.
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      Hi thank you very much for your reply and the great photo that is a big help in doing this. really appreciate it. can i also ask you how hard is it to replace the front 2 fans for in future?



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        glad it is helpful ! to replace front fans, you will need to remove 3.5" hard drive bracket, please refer to the user manual step. 7. :-) anyway, we are here to help.