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Polaris Fans, Fire Hazard

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  • Polaris Fans, Fire Hazard

    In Win Polaris Fans pose a fire risk, and should be replaced. The wires in the frame of the fan can touch the screws and short. This has happened to me.

    Yesterday I went to boot my PC. On boot i got a CPU Fan Error. I was using these fans on my AIO. I look over and indeed they are not spinning. I remove the radiator from the case boot the PC and the fans spin. So with the PC still running i start to remount the rad. As i do I see a spark from the screw to the case. So I shut down the PC, screw down the rad, reboot, and no fan spin. Then it occurs to me. The fan mounting screws run by the 8pin wiring for the daisy chain wires inside the frame of the fan. I must have a short. So i remove the screws near the wires, and with the rad mounted boot again. I have fan spin. The wires had shorted through the fan mounting screw, through the rad, and rad screw to the case. Thankfully my cases and PSU grounding worked as designed(Thank you Lian Li[O11 Dynamic] and Corsair[RM850x]) and i have no other failures. So i have replaced the fans with ones that do not use this system.

    Today I disassembled the Polaris Fans and found that 1 fan had a wire that was cut trough, and another showed some chaffing on some of the insulation. As you can see in the photos the wires can obstruct the screw holes. The vibrations of the fan running caused the insulation to chaff and short. 5 of the 8 wires show damage in this fan. I also found some signs of chaffing on another wire in a second fan.

    Based on my sample size of three fans inspected 1 had outright failed, and a second signs of damage. This has me concerned that this may be a more widespread issue. That other PC owners may have these fans with the same fire risk. I am also concerned that this design flaw may not be limited to the Polaris, but may exist in all In Win fans with the 8 Pin Daisy Chain such as the In Win Saturn(IW-FN-ASN120-3PK) that looks to use the same system. I do not have one to disposable so I cannot be sure of this.

    Photos are at my post on the Linus Tech Tip Forums

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    Eveshade First of all, we are sorry to hear what happened, but we are glad to know everything is fine on your side. For Saturn (IW-FN-ASN120-3PK), we can assure you that we are using a new 6-pin design for this model, so no worry for the wire issue. As for Polaris, please allow us some time for investigating internally, then we will report here again. Thank you for your patience.
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      Thanks. I have posted your reply to the LTT forum. I will continue to update that post with any other information you provide.


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        Eveshade thank you for your patience, after internal investigation, this is the only case reported in our RMA records. We have no stocks now , however, if consumers have concerns of their Polaris RGB fans, they can provide the invoice and contact: [email protected]. (we have different platforms to receive consumer's feedback, and we will respond). We apologize for your bad experience and our LA office will contact you by email for further assistance.


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          Glad to hear that this is an isolated incident. Thanks for looking into it.