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    Recently I had an issue with my Polaris fans and reached out to In Win. They sent me replacements with the Saturn ASN120. So I received the Saturn Fans and have them installed. I have to say I'm happy with them. Knowing that they do not have the same design flaw as the Polaris fans give me peace of mind. I have to give credit to In Win they have been excellent and meet my gold standard for customer care. Not many companies do this. Thanks you In Win.

    So here are my thoughts on the Saturn fans(ASN120).


    The fans ship in a simple box(what more does it need to be.) There is no manual in the box, but a QR code on the side to find one online. +less packaging -If you cannot scan it you are kinda left to figure it out. The fans ship in a protective plastic sleeve the to me felt smooth and soft. It kinda felt premium.


    Installing them wasn't to hard. It took some time, but that more had to do with me removing previous fans, with all their cables, and redoing a bunch of cable management i had going on. Once all the clutter was dealt with The Saturn fans were easy enough. The way they set up their daisy chained cables made things easy. Each set of three comes with a controller you have to use. I didn't like the idea until I started using, but once I did I realized how much this made things easier. Each controller can take up to 6 fans, since i have 9 I had to use 2 controllers. You can daisy chain the controllers together as each has a 5v ARGB out. Another neat feature is that if you do not have an ARGB header on your motherboard you can ad a switch to the controller so you can change the effects remotely, for example you could plug the reset switch of you case in the the controller and change the lighting effects that way. With each controller taking SATA power I'm not worried about plugging all 9 fans into one fan header and all the fans into one ARGB header. I could only see an issue here if you do not have SATA power plugs to spare. With the magnetic backing on the controller mounting it was a breeze. The only real downside to the design is with the controller design is it is 16mm thick. I could see this being an issue on cheaper or older cases that don't have much room behind the back panel.

    The fan:

    The fans are an airflow focused PWM Fan. With both higher airflow and static pressure then a Noctua NF-F12 They perform well. To do this they are a little noisy at full speed at 35dB(A). After playing around with my fan curves I have found a happy medium, and are keeping my 5900x at 42C under light load with only a minor hum, and even under load, the noise level is acceptable. Running the Horizon Zero Dawn Benchmark my CPU never exceeded 70C wail maintaining 4.5GHZ all core, and i my fans set to ramp up high after 75C. In other words, they have a lot of potential performance that the average user wont need and can safely be set to 50% or so for most average use cases. Heaven help you though if you plug them into a DC fan header.

    The Lighting:

    Each fan has 8 LEDs and the do a fine job. There are hot spots, but this isn't unusual. The clear fan frame with it's texture catches the light better then the Polaris ever did and in my opinion looks nice. Also with the clear frame they throw a lot of light illuminating my case better then my previous fans ever did.

    Final thoughts:

    Over all I am quiet happy with the Saturn fans. Most importantly the do their main function very well, and they do it in style. The noise can be controlled if you have some sort of fan controller wail still dong a good job of cooling your PC. The looks are subjective, but I like them. They do a good job of adding some bling to my case. With their approach to wiring it was a lot simpler to manage then other ARGB fans i have used and the controller adds some useful functions. The truly impressive detail is the price. At time of writing this i and get a 3 pack of the Saturn fan for the same price as 1 Noctua NF-F12 of $34.99CND(the Saturns are on sale, normal price is 44.99). Comparing it to the Cooler Master MF120 Halo for 99.99 CND(witch has lower air flow and static pressure) these are a bargain. Regardless of what your budget these are good fans. The only reason not to go with them is if you don't like the look of the clear frame, or can only run your fans are 100%.

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    thank you very much for your detailed sharing !


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      was looking for new fans for my newly built PC. this surely helps. Thanks


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        I would like to confirm, are these the fans that come with the Inwin 925 case?
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          no, for 925 (sold on InWin eStore Europe), it comes with ASL120, while some regions sell case only.

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        Thanks for sharing this. It is quite informative and helpful.


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          Great. Thanks for the information. Please keep update us.