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Can I unscrew this part of the A1 Plus mini-ITX case?

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  • Can I unscrew this part of the A1 Plus mini-ITX case?


    I've tried doing my research on the A1 Plus case, but I'm not exactly sure how to explain without photos. I wanted to ask what this part of the case is for and would it be okay to unscrew it? Please refer to the first photo in this link:

    I accidentally bought a GPU (for reference it's the Palit GeForce GTX 1650 Gaming Pro Dual Video Graphics Card) that's 10mm (170mm width) thicker than the preferred GPU width size for the case (160mm width).

    Since my GPU is thicker, not all 3 ports perfectly align with the slot. Please refer to the second photo to see what it would look like:

    The 2 display ports from the left side and middle can fit through, but the HDMI on the right side will be blocked. Changing my GPU also isn't ideal, since my country doesn't honor returns/exchanges. With that, I was wondering if it would be possible to unscrew that part of the case (first attachment) just so that I can be able to use my HDMI port?

    If not, would it be okay that my HDMI port is blocked? Other than me not being able to use it?

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    rafabuluz your GPU should be able to fit, and HDMI won't be blocked. You need to unscrew the outside screw first, in order to remove the bracket.
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