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PC restarts on high load

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  • PC restarts on high load


    So I've been having this problem for a while, started with an AMD driver update, PC just restarts when I'm in game, no BSOD or anything, just restart and AMD settings go back to default. Switching to fullscreen instead of borderless mode made the problem disappear for a while, but now it's back when I play Ashes Escalation. Thing is when I run either Prime or Furmark it's stable, but when I run both it crashes almost instantly. Could it be bad PSU? It's about 5 years old now, but it should be an overkill for my system: FX-6300@4.2, 8GB RAM, RX 470 4GB Sapphire Nitro. PSU is Thermaltake SPS-630M (49A single rail).

    I'd like to blame AMD but really... What the hell is going on?
    please help

    Thanks !

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    Hard to say, but then again we really can't speculate since none of those are our products.


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      maybe post on AMD or Thermaltake forum ?


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        Most likey a PSU issue but can be due bad RAM too. Try a different PSU and monitor. Here some good budget PSUs


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          I think either your PSU or Ram is bad. Try stress testing with AIDA64 stability test


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            After checking PSU and all of the other hardware, still if the issue persists then get some fans in your case, temps might be an issue also, Try hooking up some PWM fans with a nice fan controller like these it might be if your case is small the fans aren't running at full speed. Its a dumb one but I had to do the same to fix the very same problem in my htpc.