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    This thread is dedicated to different creations made using the GLOW X software under Creation Mode. While we will be providing different designs ourselves, we encourage everyone to share their own creations! We want this thread to be blown up with different designs! But please, submit only appropriate content. Any inappropriate material will be taken down and account will be banned. So let's have some fun with it! We'll start:

    Hey, the 309 GE is a Groovy computer chassis, why not have a Groovy animation?

    Mmmmm... Ice cream...

    A nice refreshing dip in the water seems amazing right now! Lucky Penguins!

    *Casually placing an order for some food.* Hold the ketchup though! -_-

    Awwww!!!! Look at da wittle tadpole!!!! <3

    You can use these exact animations above on your 309 GE. Just download the "GLX IMGs" zip folder below. Just note you will need the GLOW X software properly installed in order to read the files.

    More designs to come! If you have any you'd like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below.
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    says invalid page url when trying to access the zip file :'(


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      disregard. i am actually stupid. was clicking the wrong thing

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    We have a few more animations to show everyone. We will update a little at a time.

    Getting offered candy in every direction!!!! :O

    Be honest, you used to like getting a gumball from the gumball machine primarily to watch it's journey to the exit rather than the actual gum itself. Or was that just me?

    That's all for this week! You can download the GLX files in this ZIP Folder link.

    Remember, this can only be applied using the GLOW X software in the new 309 GE. And if you have any creations you'd like to share, feel free to post them here.


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      Time for some more animations!!!!

      How about we start with a little dancing?!

      Imagine if we all danced like this?


      If anyone asks, yes, snails can move quickly! They don't want to be escargot!!!

      That's all for now! You can download the GLX files from this zip folder link:

      Remember, this can only be applied using the GLOW X software in the new 309 GE. And if you have any creations you'd like to share, feel free to post them here.


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        We have some more preset creations for you! Feel free to use these for your 309 Gaming Edition front panel or use them as inspiration for your own creations!

        Let's be honest, nothing better than to crack open a beer after building a PC! If you don't drink.... maybe root beer? :P

        With it being ridiculously hot lately, a popsicle sounds amazing right now! Grape please!

        Whale hello there whale! Seems like a whale of a time! Whaley hope these puns blow you away! Ok, I'm Whaley done now. :/

        Actual video of my heart when I see pizza.

        These traffic sign animations should be used globally, they are awesome!

        That's all for this month! You can download the static images as BMP files and the animations as GLX files below. As a reminder, these animations are intended for the 309 Gaming Edition, they will not work for the original 309.

        Static Images (Stationary):

        All for now, be back next month.


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          Keep them coming!
          may I request something like comets/stars. Flying through space similar to the screen saver of old, or white comets flying across the dark black screen. Also is there anyway to have blox play itself? Would love to have the game just continue to play in the background on autopilot!


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            Hi Limelite, thank you so much for your suggestion! We will forward this request to our designer and keep updating images and animations. Please let us know if you have any creative ideas or just feel free to share your creations here!
            For the question you mentioned, the BLOX mode will be auto-played when the BLOX mode being left idle. Hope it helps. Thank you again for supporting 309 Gaming Edition!