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In Win Aurora RGB no lights

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  • In Win Aurora RGB no lights

    I bought an In Win Aurora RGB set and built it into my In Win 805-C case. The vent's are flowing and doing there job, but there is no light at all. I can't use the software neither, because it shows an error message with "Not Get Device". I have Asus X470-F Gaming motherboard so i put the cables in both USB ports bot not response at all. I took some picture so you can see everything should be work fine but it just don't but can't upload i have no rights for that... I can't set the RPM neither the lights...

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    It appears the motherboard you have has an addressable header. Therefore, you don't need to use the control box or the Aurora software. Just connect directly on the 3-pin addressable header and use ASUS's Aura software. The Aurora software is only offered in case of motherboards that aren't addressable.


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      I see! But which cable is that i supposed to connect to the ARGB? I can't find any in the box... And then i dont need the control box at all? Only for the power from the PSU?
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