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Brand new AC120 Fans, Scratches everywhere

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  • Brand new AC120 Fans, Scratches everywhere

    I live in Japan and purchased the Inwin Crown AC120 2 pack last week. Upon removal from the box, I noticed scratches along the frames of both fans visible in direct light. These scratches exist on all four sides of each of the fans and are irregular, i.e. no pattern. I'm worried that if I return them to the store, I will receive another set in the same condition. I contacted InWin through their site on Friday morning but have yet to receive a response.

    Also, there is a discrepancy between your website and the box the fans came in. The box states the fans have a "Fluid Dynamic Bearing", however, your website states that it is a sleeve bearing. Which is it?

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    Hi @CHUNKYBOWSER , we are sorry to hear this, our Japanese disty will contact you directly by email, or you can send us a private message with your phone number, it will also help. Thank you.


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      I received replacement fans from your warranty company in Japan, "aiuto". As I feared, the new fans suffer from the same defects. It seems that your production process results in scratches on the fans.

      Is it possible to get a set of these fans without scratches?



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        InWin support has contacted me directly and told me they will send me a set of fans without scratches direct from Taiwan. Looking forward to receiving them.


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          Hi Sir, sorry for the issue again, we have sent you an email to update your request,


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            Just wanna say that InWin took care of my issues. Thank you!