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need some screws and nuts (for the 309 case)

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  • need some screws and nuts (for the 309 case)


    I need some nuts and screws (for the case fans) for the 309 case. The ones I got, came with 2 differently-spaced threadings on the long black screws and I didn't receive nuts.

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    Actually, the EGO fans should have come pre-installed. Also, there aren't any nuts for them because they use specialized screws. Were you referring to another type of screws?


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      Yes, that's totally correct. I guess I should explain. I have a set of Aurora's too. (They can connect to the EGO's!!!) So, since they all daisy-chain off one other, I figured I'd hook all 7 EGO's and Auroras (4 EGO's ++ 3 Aurora's) together. The case power supply to the daisy-interconnectable-fans is running from SATA power!!!!!!!!!

      I guess I received a bunch of bottom case fan screws with the motherboard, they're long and black. Some of them, weirdly enough, were threaded differently than the other ones were. I believe 5 of them, were threaded about twice as densley as the other ones. So, I did get 1 Aurora installed so far................... I purchased some nuts at the local hardware store, and they fit the more densley threaded long black screws, but not the rest of them.

      Anyways, I need some extra interconnects (of the soft nylon persuasion) if you have 'em, for the inwin auroras (the long ones, I seem to have misplaced them ) and I suppose I could also use 8 black screws+nuts, the ones that are the same, if you have them.

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        What region are you from?Also, mind posting a picture of what exactly that's missing? This way we better assist you.


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          Hi, I'm from Canada. My needs have changed to just a single "long" black-sleeved cable for the inwin Aurora's.


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            Here's a picture of the cable I need. I live in Canada. DSC_0037_CENTER.JPG It is the 2nd one down to the NNE.
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              Sorry! I missed your response! What part of Canada are you from?


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                Hey, don't worry about it man! You alraedy replied to an e-mail I sent you, thanks btw!