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    Introducing InWin's all-new, all-in-one CPU cooler that also cools the Upper Motherboard Area, the BR Series. This innovative AIO comes in 240mm and 360mm variants and features a fan blower located on top of the pump. The idea is while the block is cooling the CPU, the blower will cool the surrounding hardware such as the VRM, memory and M.2 SSDs.

    Plenty of RGB is involved too! The blower features ARGB lighting, as well as, the LUNA AL120 case fans. While LUNA fans emit some amazing lighting, they also make excellent radiator fans to keep your system running nice and cool even when pushing your PC to its limits!


    For more information about the BR Series, please visit our official website: Also, if you own the BR Series AIO, we'd love to see photos of it in your builds. You can post it below in this thread or create a new one!

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    Here's my BR 36 setup. The cooler is giving better VRM/RAM/NVME temps, along with the inside GPU's backside memory junction temps being a little better also. I like the BR 36 quite a bit, areas of improvement would be adding a fill port to the radiator like the bequiet! design has, and a better Intel backplate mount. Using it in 115x position, when tightening the standoffs, you need to hold the plastic gear on the backside of the motherboard or it wants to turn to the other position, plus it's kinda flimsy.


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