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In Win Infinity HALO app not working

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  • In Win Infinity HALO app not working

    I have seen this issue posted everywhere yet never seen an actual fix for it.

    My Case is set to rainbow flicker and i cannot change it to any other colour. i have checked my connections and it looks as if everything i plugged in correctly.
    My Motherboard is the MSI B360 Pro Carbon.
    Can you please help me with this, the dancing rainbow is giving me a headache!

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    fruitydylexia sorry for the issue you are having ! The app is keeping updated, and each case has different solution, in order to assist you, please can you let us know
    1) did your 805i LED module connect correctly ? please refer to the attachment.
    2) did your PC showing any error message, such as Not getting signal or can not find any Device?
    the original setting is Rainbow , but if the lighting can not be changed, most of time it is because the 805i LED module is not connected correctly.
    Please kindly check and let us know, thank you.
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      Hey Mate,

      im not sure where the 805i LED module is connected so im unsure if its connected properly or not.
      it looks like its plugged in but there are alot of cables tied together so im unsure where they go


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        fruitydylexia the M/B you used supports RGB, 4pin, 12V, so you can directly connected 805i to your M/B , then control from your M/B software.
        Unless you don't want to sync the use your M/B software , then you will need to find the Y -cable from accessory bag, and plug the USB into M/B, and SATA into your PSU. Download HALO software, then change colors from HALO.
        Hope this helps.
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