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InWIN 309 - Possible front panel controller short?

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  • InWIN 309 - Possible front panel controller short?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    I recently picked up a 309 (Got a 909 and I love it, this one is for another room) and whenever I plug in the SATA cables going to the front panel RGB (both the one going to the front panel with the "thin" cable and the one going to what I presume is the lighting controller with the "thick" cable) my PC won't boot. I see a quick power up with a flash of lights on my fans, then immediate shutdown, and won't work until I power of the PSU and pull the SATA cables.

    I pulled off the front panel, and if I disconnect the connectors tying the big white RGB panel to the controller, I can plug in the "thin" SATA cable that goes to the RGB panel, then the PC boots and works fine.

    I'm using a TUF Gaming z490 board with a Corsair 750W PSU (but I don't have any of the other connectors going to the RGB controller plugged in so I'm pretty sure the board isn't it.

    My working theory is that the RGB controller has a short of some kind (I went around and reseated all the cables, checked for scorch marks, reseated the battery, to no avail).

    Any thoughts on what I can do next? If I could just get another controller somehow, I'd throw her in and be a happy camper!

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    Hi Currdog76, thank you for reaching out to us, could you please provide a video about the situation of the front panel and display how you connect the cables you mentioned? Thank you.


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      This is the PC booting before I plug in either of what I'm calling the SATA power connectors that lead to the front panel:

      This is when I plug in the "thick" cable:

      The same thing happens when I plug in the "thin" sata power cable as the thick cable (just let me know if you want a video of that as well). I started this out with everything plugged in and worked my way back to the power to those two connectors being the cause of whatever is happening.

      Appreciate the support, and just let me know if there's anything else I can provide.


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        I have pm'ed you with more info, please check in the Message Center. Thank you.


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          Thanks for the help!


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            FYI all, this ended up being a problem with me making a mistake not a problem with the 309 front panel. I used an EVGA modular SATA power cable without thinking about it. When I switched back to a corsair modular SATA cable (matching my modular power supply) the system worked perfectly!


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              Hi Currdog76, Glad to hear that this problem solved. I will inform our colleague to cancel the RMA process. Thank you so much for your feedback. Have a nice day!