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In Win Fanboy need some help with the 303 Case

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  • In Win Fanboy need some help with the 303 Case

    Hello guys and greetings from germany.

    First, before i move to my problem i want to say im a big fan of in win. (using myself 301)

    My cousin also uses the 301 and last weekend our friend had birthday so we changed his old fugly case with an In Win 303 in a hurry.

    Everything was perfect, the build was easy (you have more than enough space), but as you can think, there was a problem with the last screw.
    One of the two screws that hold the side panel broke off ​t

    The core thread itself in the case was not good, and the screws are made from aluminium?

    The case was brand new, and there was not enough time for a RMA, so we used the screw from our own In Win cases, because we wanted to get all done for his birthday.

    My question is, is there a possibilty to get just two side Panel screws from in win ? I cant send the case back to the dealer, because it would mean getting everything out and wait for a new case.

    Thanks for the help ; ) (down below my 301)

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    Sorry to hear that! Please private message me your email, and I'll direct you to the proper InWin rep.


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      Ok, thank you. We have sent the email to the proper rep. Please give us a few days to receive a response back. Thanks for your time and patience.


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        Today i recieved the new screws and i have to say the In Win support scores 10/10.

        Thank your very much for the excellent service and support.

        You guys (and girls) earned to be one of the top manufactures.


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          Thanks for your encouraging words! We're happy to be able to assist you.