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IN WIN Infinity case,1 strip not syncing

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  • IN WIN Infinity case,1 strip not syncing

    Hi there,

    I just had a brand new computer build with the In Win Infinity case with the RGB strips installed in it.

    I'm running an ASUS SYNC motherboard TUF H370-PRO so i'm able to sync all the colours together but there's just ONE strip that does it's own strobe with random colours and doesn't match up to any of the others and nothing I try to adjust within the program will have any effect on this strip.

    I took a photo and uploaded and labeled the synced colours and the one thats not synced.

    Could anyone tell me what I could possible do to sync this cable back up?

    Thanks in advance

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    We are not quite sure if the LED strip is the one included in the 805 infinity case. If it is, can you please let us know how you connect them with the motherboard? As we notice there only have one RGB header on TUF H370-PRO.

    If the strip is not from InWin, please check the pin define. The 805 infinity front strip is 12V,G,R,B. The strip need to have the same define to sync all the color.

    Thank you.