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Large air coolers in 101C or 303C chassis

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  • Large air coolers in 101C or 303C chassis

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the forums and about to purchase a 101C or 303C chassis over the next couple of days.
    I'm looking at keeping my system (New Zen 2) air cooled and decided on a fairly large cooler for maximum effect. I've noticed on a couple of other forums, The members have stated that even though the official max cpu height for the 101C/303C states it is 160mm, Some are claiming to be fitting in Thermalright Macho Rev B and BeQuiet! Dark rock pro 4 air coolers into them although these are noted as being 162-163mm.

    I would potentially be looking at getting a Dark rock pro 4 cooler, Can anyone confirm if this would indeed fit in a 101C/303C chassis?

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    We usually provide a little extra space than the listed numbers. However, this will be a tight fit if it fits at all. It may touch the glass. Just be aware of this if you decide to order.


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      Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply.
      ill maybe give it a try. I can't find any other cases that catch my eye and quite like the black cooler so may take the risk.
      I'll update once I get parts fitted.