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  • Glow2 software update

    glow2 current ver. can only register up to 4 original patterns in the creation mode.
    Although glow2 is an old software that came with 307, is there a possibility that a new controller ( like "glow3")will come out?

    Or is it possible to overwrite the existing lighting pattern RAM? (idc the warranty)
    if I can control it with other software (like aura sync ,MSImysticlight or iCUE) that's fine.(but it may rally hard to specify the lighting pattern only by LEDaddress).

    please add tags:307 309
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    ohakamairi from our point of view, we don't want users to change original function. Currently, if you sync with ARGB M/B, you will have very limit lighting options, but there is nothing we can do.... Thank you for your feedback. We will keep developing new software and hope to launch new version of GLOW next year.


    • ohakamairi
      ohakamairi commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for reply.
      I'd like to make original animation with front LED.
      So, I'm very happy if the switching interval in the creation mode can be set more shorter intervals (for now min. setting is 1sec.)
      and the number of frames that can be saved increases, in the new version of GLOW.
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    thank you for your feedback !