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InWin 101 Question - LED Not Correct Color

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  • InWin 101 Question - LED Not Correct Color

    So i got my InWin 101 Black w/ Red LED delivered yesterday. Got it fired up and the LED on the front is not red, its Blue LoL.

    Did i do something wrong? or was i given a unicorn 1 of 1 Black & Blue 101?

    The SATA connector coming off the case for the LED has a blue dot on top of the 12V connector. Would i be right in hoping maybe i just need to be sent the correct connector or is the red light directly built into the LED? I did submit a support ticket yesterday as of typing this post, i have not heard anything back yet. I also contacted Amazon (where i purchased it) and have to wait 24 hours (6 pm. today) before they can give me a refund or replace option.

    I really don't want to return it as it would suuuck to have to pull everything out lol.

    Just thought i would ask if anyone has ran into this

    Thanks for any advice or help.
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    Depending where you purchased the 101, chances are you have the update version of the 101. Meaning this version has RGB capability. The default setting is set to blue. In order to change the color, you will need to remove from the SATA and connect it directly to an RGB motherboard. If you don't have a motherboard with RGB capabilities, you will need to get an RGB controller to change the color.