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303C front panel LED power with no header on MB.

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  • 303C front panel LED power with no header on MB.

    Hey there, I have a 303C but I don't have an RGB header on my motherboard. Is there any way I can get the lights on the front of my 303C to at least light up, I dont care if I can't change the color or whatever I would just like it to be on. I was hoping there is some sort of external RGB controller I can use or something or can I put the plug for the front panel lights on one of the pins on my motherboard, is it possible?

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    An RGB adapter would work in this case.


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      I have seen those but they are all just adapters that go from 3pin RGB headers to 4 pins ones right? I have no rgb header on my mb at all though it's an MSI z170A SLI. So i need either an external rgb controller opr just simply a way to get power to the case's led lights. If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!


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        OK i found something on reddit this should work perfectly and it's pretty cheap.


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          That's perfect!


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            Hey Mr Johnny Gomez, I waited so long to get the little piece I linked up there it is now unavailable! Probably because the world has gone crazy. Can you find me another sata adapter that would work, I can't find one