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Brand New 309 Issue

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  • Brand New 309 Issue

    Bought a 309 Yesterday moved all my components over plugged in both SATA Connectors, USB DWE Connector (tried both) fan connectors etc, but am unable to get the front panel to light up again, it lit up once but slowly the Squares started going out one by one. Now it either has 0 lights or either 3 or 4.
    Also the RGB fans also don't light up.
    Am i missing something?
    MSI B250 Bazooka Motherboard
    650w 80+ Gold PSU
    Any help or pointer would be appreciated
    Glow2 sees the case but doesn't control anything but fan speed.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Based on the listed specs, it seems the MSI B250 Bazooka motherboard doesn’t support ARGB. This can be a bit concerning because the EGO fans are intended for a 3-pin, 5V header. If you plugged the connector into the JLED1, 12V header, it can damage the fans.

    When you have a moment, please check your connectors and see if that's the case. Also, feel free to provide photos to better assist you.


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      I didnt use the RGB Header from my motherboard as its 12v and ARGB Header is 5V and the manual says the 5v 3pin connecter is optional.


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        What region are you from?


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          Canada, its getting RMA'd all good