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in Win 309 LED fan colour change

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  • in Win 309 LED fan colour change

    I am struggling with the following two issues in respect to the fan coulours at in win 309. How to change the fan colours on my behalf?

    1) I have several IMG prepared on creation mode (edit), but the fan colour appers as rainbow within edit mode.--> I really like to have them green (or another free cutom colour) but how to change? my colour concept is green, gut the fans in the housing are not adjustable to green.
    2) within GLOW2 there are 11 predefined modes for the inWin309. all of them are coming with specific colours predefined. how to change these? are these customizable? e.g. "bouncing" in pink?

    Thx guys!

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    Hi Holly, thank you for supporting InWin 309! For your inquiries, please refer to the following response:
    1) The Creation Mode can only display the images/colors on the front panel, and the colors of the fans will appear as rainbow.
    2) Sorry, the colors of 11 predefined modes cannot be adjusted.
    Please contact us if you have any further questions, thank you!


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      thx, unfortunately not what I wanted to hear


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        I went into my bios to change the colors to white, and when I click apply, nothing happens. I don't know how to change the colors of these case fans.

        Kodi nox
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          Hi amelneach, we offer two options to control the lighting effects:
          1. Control the lighting effects with the GLOW2 software.
          2. If you insert ARGB 3-pin cable on the motherboard, you can change the colors via M/B.
          Please refer to the User Manual for more details. Thank you.