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InWin 301c RGB Lights not working

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  • InWin 301c RGB Lights not working

    Building a new PC and have setup everything besides the RBG on the case.

    My mobo is an MSI B550 Mortor and like it says in the title i have a 301c.

    I've tried using the "JRBG" connector on my mobo with no success. I don't know if there is something i need to do in the bios but the lights should just work after turning it on. I've looked at the manual for the case and the mobo, making sure i have everything in the right place but mothing i do works.

    Does anyone have any tips? I love my build but this is the one this that is bugging me to no end.

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    Jestersomething according to MSI this motherboard has 1x 4-pin RGB LED connector,
    so you need to plug 301C 4-pin (from front panel) to motherboard, it is RGB 12V 4-pin, not 5V, 3-pin. Thank you. (page 11)


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      I also have the MSI B550 Mortar motherboard with the In-Win 301c and also have problems with the front panel RBG on the case.

      I have of course tried connecting the 12v connector to the JRGB connector on the motherboard, not the 5v connection and it doesn't work. According to my BIOS settings RGB should be turned on.

      Any further suggestions?


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        please make sure 1) motherboard JRGB is working properly (you can install another RGB fan to check) 2) when you install the 301 RGB header into motherboard JRGB, the direction is correct, please refer to the attachment 3) check 301C RGB cable to case side is also well connected. Thank you.
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          So I found the source of my problem here, it was actually that the cable was not plugged into my case, I didn't think to check here as all the other cables were correctly installed and the bundle of cables near the case connectors is so tight it was hard to see if it really was unplugged.

          Once I plugged this in my case lights work fine.


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            glad to hear problem solved :-)