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303 clearance issue

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  • 303 clearance issue

    I'm planning my next build for when my pre-ordered 3070 will arrive (so probably not before february). I stumbled upon the 303 in the search of a grate air flow case (since i'm going to build an air cooled system), and i was stunned by the build quality, the materials and the possibilities. the only issue i have is that it support only up to 160mm air cooler, and the artic freezer 50, which I was planning to use, is 166mm tall. Depending on the price of the components, i will likely buy a 5800x or a 3900xt, so a beefy cooler is needed. All the major cooler out there (nhd15, dark rock p4, etc) are too tall to fit the case as it is advertized, so my question was if maybe with some tweaking can be mounted a freezer 50, or if there are any big cooler that can otherwise. i wanted to go for the artic for the estetics and price, so it would be grate if that was taken into account.

    also, does anyone knows how the thermals behave with a vertical mounted 3 fan gpu?

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    lucalattanzio97 the maximum height for a CPU cooler is 160mm, so 166mm is over the height..... we haven't heard any complaints about the thermal performance.