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309 Fan Controller Problem

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  • 309 Fan Controller Problem


    I have the in Win 309 since 3 Months in use.
    I use an Aquaero Fan Controller. And regulate the 4 in Win Ego fans again the Water Temperature.

    today morning there was an audible "klack" and later a smell of something burned.

    Since then the first Ego Fan in the daisy chain isnt working anymoore, and all other Fans are running at Full Speed.

    Judging by the smell, i think something on the internal Controller of the 309 is burnt.

    Now my Question:

    is there an Option to use the In Win Ego Fans without the internal Controller? By using a normal 4 pin Fan header and a 3 Pin RGB Header on the Mainboard?

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    Slash006 if you still keep the EGO fan controller, you can connect the cable back to our front panel, and use EGo controller to light up the 4 fans, but you won't be able to sync with other ARGB lighting. As for connecting directly to your mothebroard 3pin, ARGB , it is possible, but you are missing a Y-cable. May we know which region are you from and where did you purchase this case from ? thank you.


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      Thx you for you response.

      I think the complete Controller in the case is burned. The LED's in the front Panel ligt up in every strange Color if i use one of the Controller Modes and dimm the brightness :X but if i use 100% brightness everything looks fine.

      So that would not be a Problem for me

      For me the best thing would be if i could get a Y- Cable to use the Ego fans.
      would be the easyest fix for me.

      I don't necessarily want to take everything apart and send the case in. That would be hours of work. Because i use a custom loop watercooling with Hard tubes.
      I live in Switzerland and bought the case by "Digitec"
      If you could send me a Y Cable. I would realy appreciate that!


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        Pm send to you.


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          It's strange, because someone else has the same GPU as me and they also updated to the new Radeon software, yet their fan control works. Meanwhile, mine just resets to the default every time I try and adjust it.

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