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Front Panel LEDs of 309 are acting strange

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  • Front Panel LEDs of 309 are acting strange


    I have a sligth problem with my 309 case. I did buy recently a all-ready Pc by an online-seller because I have not the knowledege nor the patience to do this on my own . I have the pc now nearly a month, but recently I came to an problem with the front panel. It is nothing to serious but I do not know if it could evolve to something bigger and it is rather annyoning and triggering especially for a worry wart like me.

    The problem is that sometimes the single Led changes quickly and shorly to different places an then back, so it' s really annyoing to look at.
    I do not know exatly when it happens. First I noticed when I played some AC:Valhalla and until know it only happend there, atleast with my knowledge. Other games I did not play yet and during the normal use of the Pc for watching videos or just surfing in the Internet it does not happen I think. or at least I do not notice something changing. I jsut have sometimes the feeling it does happen also during normal use, like you see somthing changing out of the corner of your eye, but this could be now also only my imagination thinking it is happening.

    Here is a short video of what exatly happens: (please ignore the background sound)

    And here the full test video of it to look how often it happens (21 min , it changed times): (also here just mute)

    note: the video only shows the custom panel but it also happens in all versions.

    I know this is really unusuall and not that bad, but it is really triggering and I really do not know what to do and maybe you have some ideas why this is happening. (and please have in mind that I have zero to basic knowledge about pc in general ^^)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Happy New Year Kyoko-chan, hope you are having a good 2021 so far.
    For the question you mentioned, we suggest that you can temporarily stop GLOW2 software execution and make sure the software isn't running in the background when this problem occurred.
    Please let us know if it helps. Thank you.


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      Thank you, too. Up until now is is pretty good.

      Thanks for the suggestion but sadly it did not help. I also now noticed that it does happen also outside of gaming but this is really and I can now pinpoint when it does happen and think taht it has somthing to do with this. (now I only have to explain it reasonable and understandable)
      I noticed the short change after I started my Pc. In the beginning it is louder and needs more energy because of varios things, but when it finished starting the volume sinks because it does not need to do much anymore because during normal usage it does not change.
      So the change problaly happens when the pc changes his energy usage. That also explains the changes during gaming because then it mostly happend when I am in a loading screen or doing something high demanding (graphicly/gamplaywise)

      I hope it does make sense what I wrote but i did not know how to explain it better as an non-native english speaker.


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        Hi Kyoko-chan, thank you for your update.
        Please help us to double check if the GLOW2 software is still running in the background (refer to the following guide to temporarily disable background programs):
        Right-click the program's icon in the system tray (next to the clock), and choose Close, Exit, or Disable.

        And yes, the output of the load voltage did matter, if it is insufficient power supplies or voltage unsteady may also the reason to cause this problem.


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          Hello, thank you for your response.
          I did double check the first step and the apps is closed and disabled as a background programm.

          But if the load voltage is the problem what should i do then. I also do not understand how it could happen that the voltage output is unsteady because I did not change anything on the setup and for around 4 for weeks since I have the Pc nothing happend like zhis.

          And next think I noticed also that when the front panel is addressed via the Motherboard the problem does not occur.


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            Hi Kyoko-chan, when the computer is under heavy system loads, it may affect the performance of transmission speed to cause this problem, we suggest that you can try the following options:
            1. Temporarily disable other background programs if they are unnecessary.
            2. Install another power supply that offers higher wattage if you have one on hand.

            If the problems still exist, please kindly visit our official website to fill in the RMA form, attach the invoice and specify the model name. Or contact your seller for the RMA request, thank you!