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~ On/off switch is blinking yellow on my 101 case...

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  • ~ On/off switch is blinking yellow on my 101 case...

    ~ Hi,
    This is a new CLX computer that I've had for just a week.
    When I first turned it on the front power bezel with the on/off switch lit up - blue (white case).
    It arrived late so after seeing that it turned on I turned the computer off from the
    Windows power off setting until the next day.

    The next day, however, and every day since, that whole power strip area has remained unlit/off and the on/off
    switch has been blinking yellow intermittently, (some times furiously and other times more infrequent/rhythmic.)

    I've called CLX tech support and was told that it just means that it's busy or something, but the 'power on'
    bezel never lights up even when the on/off switch stops flashing for awhile.

    I'm worried that something's wrong and I'd appreciate your thoughts and insights.
    ~ Thank you.

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    From the sounds of it, it sounds like a loose cable. The newer 101s are ARGB so it also depends on how CLX built the PC. Take a look around to see if any cables became loose. We highly recommend contacting CLX to guide you through the process to identify the issue.

    As for the blinking yellow light, no worries, that's normal. That's an indicator that there is HDD activity.


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      Hi, Administrator Johnny Gomez ,

      ~ Thank you so much for your response and you could very well be right.

      I did, however, contact CLX and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to correct things remotely it's been sent back for repairs, (yes, as in plural).
      Hopefully, I get back the perfect machine that I was expecting, and paid for!

      Best wishes,