The InWin 216 mid tower chassis offers two different aesthetics. The 216 Black offers a more sleek, modern aesthetic. The minimalistic design allows for more versatility in build preference. Great for low-profile builds for those that aren't into the flashy side of PC building. However, the larger side panel provides a blank canvas for builders that desire to showcase their hardware. The dual GPU orientation is yet another presentation option.


The 216 White is not only a different color, but utilizes slightly different materials, using a woodgrain strip along the left side of the front panel. The idea behind this design is to match the furniture in the home and office. Consider the 216 White as another way to furnish your working or gaming environments. To match the color scheme, the 216 White also comes with SIrius Pure case fans. A nice pairing to go along with your white themed PC.

216 white_asp120_01.jpg 216 white_asp120_02.jpg 216 white_asp120_03.jpg 216 white_asp120_10.jpg 216 white_asp120_07.jpg 216_02.jpg 216_06.jpg 216_04.jpg

For more information regarding the 216 Black or White, please visit our official website: https://www.in-win.com/en/gaming-chassis/216/. Also, feel free to post pictures of your 216 builds below or create your own thread.