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  • 805 Water Cooling

    Hi All,

    Im looking in to buy the 805, as I think it looks really nice! I want to go with the red led look, and I am still new in the Water cooling area. :S I have been looking around, and what I want/need is "ofcause" the Water cooling with clear hard tubings. But what to go with? I like the look of this mod red.. But what Water cooling is this? any one know? And or do you have any other sugestions to the Water cooling system.. Im going for and Intel i7 6700 set up with the new geforce 1070.

    Best regards

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    It's a little hard to tell in the photo and video, so I won't provide an answer, because I don't want to send you in the wrong direction. We have partnered in the past with both EKWB and Bitspower, and both are great companies. They are great places to start off.


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      Thank you for your answer anyway I'll try to give them a look I have found that XSPC's Water coolings look much like the onces in the video, but also pretty expensive :S So I'll try to look at your suggestions.