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In Win 805 Glass Panel Issue/Question

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  • In Win 805 Glass Panel Issue/Question

    Hi, I currently own two In Win 805 cases both the Red one and Black one.

    I noticed on both cases, that the tempered glass panels have slight striations (stripes) and colour distortions (looks like splashes of yellow/red) that occur on the panel when it is reflecting yellow light from lamps etc.

    It seems as if the glass panels on the In Win 805 are not as crystal clear or mirror polished? and i just wanted to confirm if this is the case for all case samples or just the ones I have.

    I am curious as my In Win 901 glass panels does not distort, and rather produces a pure mirror reflection without any distortion to all types of light.



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    Here are some photos detailing the striations that occur when reflecting yellow light.

    Also got some photos comparing it side by side with my In Win 901 Glass panel.


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      Which region are you from?


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        Australia (Asia-Pacific)

        I have also asked numerous owners on PCpartpicker, and they all claim to have no distortions/striping on the glass panel when reflecting light.

        Also to clarify, this striping light distortion only happens on the two glass side panel. The front glass panel does not suffer from these problems.

        Any insights to this would be very helpful as it is bothering me that the glass is not as clear as it should be.
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          Which region are you from?

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