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GPU clearance tolerance in A1

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  • GPU clearance tolerance in A1

    Just checking, GPU clearance is 300mm in the A1, but I wondered what the tolerance for that is as the case is 355mm long, and my current GPU is 305mm (Tri-X r9 290). Will I be able to squeeze it in, or am I going to have to factor in the cost of a new GPU to my new build also?

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    It would be really tight, but we wouldn't recommend it. We normally allow some extra space, but 5mm would be cutting it too close.


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      Nice, thanks. It would only be a temporary solution until I can afford a new card/the new GPUs come out, but I didn't want to order all my new stuff without actually being able to use it!


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        Could I ask a question about.
        In Win A1 is possbile to use Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX2080 ?
        Asus web size show, It's dimensions is 29.97 x 13.04 x 5.41 Centimeter.


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          Hi sigmar31135, ASUS helped us to install the ROG-Strix- RTX2080 into A1, so you can see how it fits in below photo. The gap between graphic card and the fans in the bottom is very limited, we are not sure if the thermal performance can still pass our test, since we don't have a working sample in hand.
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