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Controlling the RGB LED on the bottom of the InWin A1 panel

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  • Controlling the RGB LED on the bottom of the InWin A1 panel

    I recently purchased the InWin A1 and did not realize I needed an RGB header on my ITX MoBo in order to control the light colors on the strip attached to the acrylic bottom panel. My H310i is very basic and doesn't have this. I know the Sata adapter will allow it to default to Red (I have the black model and it's gorgeous), but I'd like to still be able to control the color.

    Is there any way to change the color of the strip without an RGB header MoBo connection? Does anyone know if the LED strip will be compatible with a generic RGB controller? Or if there is a specific one that will work with it that someone knows about?

    Thank you!

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    Any RGB Controller should work in this case.


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      If you want to control the color, you will need a RGB controller. The CORSAIR - Commander PRO Hardware Controller controls 2 LED(RGB), 6 FANS, and 4 temps controller, but it's a very large box to hide in your case. Now if you just want RGB only then then next best thing I would suggest is a Cooler Master RGB LED Controller with 4 RGB controller. Just mind you that you have to have an available USB port and SATA power to control and power these boxes.