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Questions regarding InWin A1 Plus

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  • Questions regarding InWin A1 Plus

    Hey, i'm currently planning a new build with this case and waiting for it to become available for me since it got announced on CES.

    I came up with some questions around the case which i would be glad if anyone could answer:

    1. When will the case be available in the EU? (Germany in my case)
    2. Will we able to Preorder it at some point (EU)

    Bottom LED Strip:
    - Couldnt find a Datasheet for these, is there one somewhere around?
    - 5V/12V?
    - 3/4Pin Connector?
    - Can they be removed/replaced?

    Im also thinking about partially repainting/wrapping the acrylic looking stand partially - so is this actually made from acrylic glass?

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    1. The A1 PLUS may be arriving in Europe in early June.
    2. Pre-order isn't available in Europe. will have more updates.

    We don't have a datasheet for the LED strip. It's an addressable LED strip, meaning it's a 3-pin, 5v. The LED strip is glued into the acrylic base. It can be removed with a heatgun, but it's not recommended. The base is just acrylic.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your time.