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  • Fan clearance

    I am looking to buy the A1 Plus when it becomes available in sweden.

    My question is about fanclearance by the gpu
    I was planning to fit my evga gtx 1080ti hybrid by the fanslot in the rear and it will fit,
    for my cpu i was planning on the new Asetek 645lt 92mm AIO with a 92mm to 120mm adapter in the side fanslot.
    The 645lt is 30mm+15mm, will it fit?

    My cpu is a i5 9600k@4.5ghz and need some proper cooling

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    Holographica if we understand correctly, we tried and we think your EVGA hybrid may have interference with side panel which will be difficult to install (see yellow circle of attachment), you may need to find another configuration. Thank you.
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