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In Win A1 Daily Upgrade

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  • In Win A1 Daily Upgrade

    I know some people get their pcs working for 10 years or 50 years.

    Is it because they manage it well or is it because they don't

    use the gaming at all ?

    Is it all about temperature ?
    So buying a cooler is a must ?
    And cleaning.
    Nothing more ?
    I don't overclock. I don't even know how to.
    And never just kept on playing a game that was lagging because my pc
    It just seems to lasts about 2 years.

    So it be great to buy cheap pcs considering I'd need to
    buy pcs every 2~3 years.
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    I just built a system using some left over parts specifically so I could put it on an 11”x11”x48” bookshelf. The shelf is actually a few mm shorter than that so the A1 just barely slides in. I bought the A1 from amazon for this, along with a gigabyte auros z390 mobo and Noctua NH-u12s chromax. I have reused an i7-8700 and Sapphire RX Vega 64 that I already Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox owned.
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      Now that I'm staring at this bay I realize that the bracket must come out in some kind of way-- It's clipped in but I have no idea how to get it out.