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Am I missing fans in my new A1?

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  • Am I missing fans in my new A1?

    I just finished putting together my PC build in my new A1 case. I noticed that there is a fan on the rear, one on the side, but I do not see any fans on the bottom. I do see two circular shapes in the vent where it looks like two fans might go. Does this product usually come with those fans?

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    fishblimp thank you for purchasing A1 Plus, it comes with 2 x ASL120 addressable fans as standard. If you would like to install additional fans on the bottom, you can purchase online , searching for InWin ASL120 or Sirius Loop, thank you.


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      Thank you for the reply. When I install the fans on the bottom, should they bring air into the case or take air out?


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        fishblimp it depends on the hardware you install. Normally the bottom fans bring cool air inside the case, while rear & side fans both take heat out.