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A1 Plus has no orange setting on RGB lights/fans

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  • A1 Plus has no orange setting on RGB lights/fans

    I purchased the A1Plus and loved the case, however, in many of the reviews that I watched prior to purchasing, it was clear that there was an orange setting for the included RGB systems when connected to the included RGB controller. However, after cycling through the many options, there is no available orange color setting in either static or "chasing/breathing" modes as displayed in both this video: and this video: While not necessarily a deal breaker, I am curious as to why the setting is not available on my unit.
    I requested information about this earlier from your customer service support, however the representative told me that the YouTube video I linked had used some type of RGB software which is not the case in either video linked here.
    Is there a way to have this color made available or will I have to purchase a different RGB sata controller to be able to choose this color setting?

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    Our ARGB control doesn't have that orange color option. If you want a preferred color option, you will need use the software on a ARGB motherboard. The controller provides a limited color option.