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IW-MS04 case doesn't like my hard disks :( Could really do with some help please?

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  • IW-MS04 case doesn't like my hard disks :( Could really do with some help please?

    Using IW-MS04 Mini Server Tower: Having great difficulty in getting my two WD Red 6TB Sata drives to be recognised in my Asus bios The Processor, RAM and the SDD drive show up in the bios, but the two drives in the bays are not there. I upgraded the PSU to 500w to see if that helps too.

    I have plugged in the the two power cables into the back of the bays and also upgraded the Sata cables to the faster 6 Gbps. I have tried moving the Sata cables in to different slots in the motherboard too.

    I plugged in a small power cable in the back of the drive bays, which activated some lights on the front of the bays - blue and red.

    These are new hard drives, from separate suppliers, so it would be unusual for them to both be faulty.... so my questions are:

    Is there something else I should be doing to activate these drives in the bays?

    Is this case compatible with my Asus PRIME H310I-PLUS motherboard?


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    1594678431 our engineer has checked with ASUS FAE, below are our feedback:

    1. having difficulty in getting WD Red 6TB Sata drives to be recognised in Asus bios
    ==> according to our internal test, up to 12TB SAS HDD, it should work, So we suggest you try " Cable to HDD", instead of installing on HDD tray, let your motherboard to read the data,
    if motherboard can read the data without problem, then please install on black plate, if it can not read the data, then the issue comes from Back Plate.
    if motherboard can NOT read any data, then please contact ASUS local support.

    2. If you can not read the HDD data under Windows OS, please change your OS to 64bit version or contact ASUS local support.

    From your description, we think the incompatibility mainly comes from motherboard. Thank you.


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      Thank you Administrator_MD1 for your detailed reply So I was able to connect to both hard drives via direct Cable to HDD. They both showed up in the Bios (attached) So at least the hard drives and motherboard connections are good.... but the two drives still won't show when connected via back plate - so what could be going wrong with the back plate?

      Attached some more photos to help, please let me know if you require any more? Are there any more cables that need to be connected to the back plate?

      Not using a WIndows OS, using FreeNAS - drives don't appear in FreeNAS OS when connected via back plate.


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        1594678431 From the photos you provided, the 4-pin connector plugged in the wrong place and that might be damaged the backplane.
        Please leave your contact information (please select IPC/Server product line) and we will forward it to our local rep to provide you with RMA services.
        Thanks for your time and patience.
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          Thanks. Where should have I plugged it in? To check - I would like to try plugging it in the correct place before contacting your service team if you could let me know please?

          Just so you know, the disks were not recognised before I plugged this in as well.

          By the way, I used that contact page before posting here and never got a reply. Do you have an email address?


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            1594678431 are you from Camberley ? or please give us your contact ID, you can email to if you need any further support. We will have the person in charge to contact you, as this forum is mainly for retail PC chassis/ PSU and fans, MS04 is our server product, therefore, we have to pass your further question to our server technician. In addition, attached two photos show you how to connect correctly. Thank you for your understanding.
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              Thank you. Not sure what you mean by "Camberley" or "contact ID"? I am from the UK and purchased this product via Amazon over a month ago.

              I will email that address as you suggested.



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                Thank you for your reply, please kindly wait for the reply next week as it’s mid autumn festival in Taiwan HQ now.


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                  1594678431 Hi , we hope you are already contacted by our sales now, thank you.


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                    All sorted now Your amazing colleagues helped me out with a fix over email. Thanks again for an excellent service, looks like I'll be buying In-Win cases forever

                    Thanks again for your help with this too


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                      Administrator_MD1 commented
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                      We are glad everything is sorted out ! Thank you for your feedback, customer's satisfaction is our motivation !