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A1 Mini ITX fan didn´t spin, fixed the cables, suddenly no RGB

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  • A1 Mini ITX fan didn´t spin, fixed the cables, suddenly no RGB


    I got the A1 Mini ITX in May 2020 and added a new HDD to my built! I realised that suddenly one Fan wasn´t spinning anymore, RGB lights were still working, so I un- and replugged all the cables and now all the fans are back to spinning. Suddenly my RGB stopped working, and by that I mean ALL of them, the ones from the 2 cooling fans and the led strip on the ground!!
    Everything is plugged in the way it should be and now I´m super confused as why it suddenly stopped, even tho I didnt really change anything or damaged any cables!

    Some help would be amazing!!

    My Motherboard is the Asrock X570 PHANTOM GAMING ITX

    Greetings, Klara

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    did you check if you plug RGB fan (12V, 4pin) into correct RGB header ? your motheborad board has ARGB (5V, 3pin) and RGB (12V , 4pin) at same time.


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      For the 5v ARGB header, I connected one fan to it and it had a daisy chain, where I connected to another fan, which daisy chained to the ARGB strip that is on the bottom. While it could of been possible to daisy chain the two fans on the bottom of the case (intake) I decided not to bother with connecting the RGB on those as it would not be visible since the case’s RGB strip would take care of lighting on the bottom. (I believe there is a limit of LEDs a single ARGB header is allowed to or can power, I don’t know on top of my head and recalled reading that Kodi nox somewhere.)
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        Thanks for sharing.

        snaptube vidmate
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